Are You Prepared (and Secure) for Hurricane Season?

With the threat of Hurricane Florence looming, does your business have a security plan? There are a few preventative measures you should be taking with regards to security in the event of a natural disaster.

Hurricane Security

Alarm System

Most alarm systems have a backup battery in the event of a power outage. However, a battery backup won’t last if you’re out of power for several days. Have a plan in the event that the battery dies and/or you receive alerts from your central alarm monitoring station.

In the event that an alarm does go off, here are some things to consider:

  • You should be familiar with the alarms that may trigger during a storm.
  • Sending staff out to respond is a huge safety issue and should never be considered.
  • It will take first responders some time to respond to an alarm.

Video Surveillance

Your video surveillance is your best case scenario for having eyes on your facility. Make sure it’s on and in working order. If the alarm system trips, you can at least look in on the camera to see what’s happening. Have a plan to ensure it does not run out of power or is located in a place where it will be destroyed.

Automated Systems

Automation is awesome – when everything is on schedule of course. If you have automatic triggers for things like lights, locks, security systems, etc. be sure they are overridden during the storm.

If your door locks are magnetic, have an employee manually lock up the building. Magnetic locks require a power supply, so if the power goes out, your building could be open and unsecure. You should also make sure your key employees have an actual key in the event of an emergency.

If you are planning to power down building circuits, be aware that access control systems work independently of servers, however do require power to operate, for this is better to get an specialist to do the work, luckyly you can find many local tradesmen online that specializes in many different works

Other Best Practices

  • Don’t forget to backup your business data, as well as the database for your security systems.
  • Distribute an employee contact list.
  • Have backup batteries and keep your phone in “low power mode” to ensure your phone stays charged.
  • Have plenty of water.
  • Fill up on gas and propane.


Here at Livewire, we have customers all over the state of Virginia – many of whom will be affected. If you experience an issue, please be patient. We want to serve our customers but also want to ensure our team is safe.

Stay safe everyone!