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Did you know that before smart home technology and connected devices, security systems were tied to your phone line? So if the lines were down or the wires were cut, bye-bye security and awareness. It was that notion that drove Steve Trundle to launch, the solution that would bring home security technology into the future.

Steve and a team of engineers at MicroStrategy‘s research and development unit came up with a security system that could communicate over a cellular network independent of phone lines and landlines. And they didn’t stop there. They created a notification system that recorded events and saved histories, and remote capability to arm and disarms your system. It was the very beginning of interactive security.

During Livewire Connections Episode 2 we got to chat with’s Vinnie Catucci to learn more about its host of features, new products, and tips to set up your home security for the future. Here’s a quick recap of some of the great nuggets shared during the episode.


First off, what makes a great solution for home security? We love them because they are innovators in their field. They have home environment solutions that go far beyond many of the solutions out there for homeowners.

As Vinny said, “A true smart home solution is when you have all of these IoT devices communicating together through one platform. So why not have a security system that can communicate within the same platform as the doorbell camera, the thermostat, and the garage door?” gives you access and control over your entire IoT environment so that you don’t have to switch from one app to the other in order to control your home. Additionally, is a “Software as a Service” (SaaS). Their features are rolled out as software updates as opposed to hardware that needs to be replaced when you want to get the latest technology. It’s future-proofing your security system!

“When we roll out a new feature, you don’t have to get a new system. We push those updates over the air, so your solution grows with the industry,” Vinny says.

Cool features

There’s so much you can do with this technology! Here are some of the cool features highlighted in the episode.

Geo-fence has a geo-fence feature that uses cellular triangulation to areas you specify. Once you identify the geo-fence, you can tie it to actions or alerts when someone leaves or enters the area. This has a multitude of applications for making life easier! For example, your app can alert you when the garage is open or the front door is unlocked. You can also tie it to your thermostats so that when you exit the geo-fence it adjusts your thermostat so you’re not wasting energy.

Setting Scenes

Scenes allow you to tie multiple commands into one button push. For example, you could create a goodnight scene that locks the front door, closes the garage, arms the security system, and adjusts the thermostat accordingly. All at the push of ONE button! Some people even tie scenes to appliances like their kid’s video games so you get a notification when they are turned on (and thus not doing homework).

All-Seeing Eye and Sensors

You can tie your system to sensors and then apply logic to alert you or “hit record” when that sensor is triggered. For example when the liquor cabinet is opened by sneaky teens. Or how about who’s going into the beer fridge at work? Who’s taking the last of the coffee and not starting a new pot? Oh, the possibilities!

Smarter Cameras

One ongoing problem you find with video surveillance is that the slightest pixelation change triggers a recording. You end up clogging up all your storage for shots of spiders and raindrops. cameras now have enhanced video analytics technology that enables you to specify when an event should be recorded. So you could tell it to only capture when a person, animal, or vehicle is in the vicinity. You can also integrate it with things like lights so if someone enters the camera area, it turns on a light that may spook a burglar and prevent a break-in.

Emerging Technology and Features

We also covered some pretty innovative and award-winning features has released in the last year. Here’s a look at a few of them.

Two-Way Conversations’s app and cameras now give users the ability to have a two-way conversation with the person on the other end. Say you’re at work and you want to check in on the kids, you can now talk to them through the app!

Touch-Free Doorbell Solution

In the age of Covid, we are a little hesitant to touch often used areas like doorbells. figured out a way to avoid touching the doorbell altogether! You can now create a ground zone right in front of your door, lay out the doormat that says, “Step on the doormat to ring the doorbell”, and it will ring the doorbell. No touch is needed! This new feature won an award at CES.

Flex IO

Flex IO is a sensor that provides monitoring and awareness outside of your security system. Let’s say you have a gate, shed, and/or detached garage you want to watch. You can now be alerted to areas outside of your home’s footprint so that you have greater awareness and peace of mind.

Connected Car

Another CES award winner. Connected Car is compatible with any car produced since 1996. It plugs into your vehicle’s OBD-II port and can send you notifications of activity. For example when the car is turned on, when there’s sudden acceleration, hard braking, or excessive speeding, or when maintenance or attention is needed (low fuel, check engine light, low battery, etc). This feature is great for teenage drivers who like to speed!

It’s not hard to see the future security benefits of having a system like We had such a great time chatting with Vinnie and sharing why we love this innovative, integrated security platform.

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