6 Sonos Tips to Enhance Your Experience

On the first episode of Livewire Connections, we met with the team from Sonos who shared some great tips with viewers on enhancing their Sonos experience. Here’s a quick recap of some of the amazing industry knowledge they shared:

1. Find the right music service and stick to it

This Sonos tip is for the music streamers who pop from service to service trying to find the right one. It sounds like a simple tip but it can really change your listening experience. Find a service you love and stick to. The longer you use the service, the more personalized it will become, and the more familiar you will get with actually being able to discover things and curate your own playlists and collections. By sticking to one service and getting deep into it, your listening experience will get better over time. 

“Sonos is very agnostic. We don’t want to limit people and try to force them to use one type of streaming service to get the music they want. Each streaming service has its own unique benefits and curations.” 

2. Use Trueplay Tuning

Sonos Trueplay measures how sound reflects off walls, furnishings, and other surfaces in a room, then fine-tunes your Sonos speaker to make sure it sounds great no matter where you’ve placed it. The feature tunes most Sonos speakers using the microphones in your iOS device.

This feature is especially great in rooms that are not acoustically sound – like the bathroom. Want to see the difference for yourself? Put the speaker in a Tupperware and press play. Then turn Trueplay on. Mind. Blown. 

Sonos Tips

3. Move around with ease

The Sonos experience is one that does not confine you to a single room or app. You are able to move around and carry your favorite tunes with you easily. First, using Direct Control allows you to send whatever you’re listening to the next room by opening the app you were listening to and simply changing rooms. One button. 

Second, you don’t even have to be tied to your phone! If you move to a different room and leave your phone behind, you can simply press and hold the play button for 3 seconds and it will move the main source of music to the speaker you’re at. Boom. Space to space. Music control at the touch of a button.

4. Send TV signal to another room 

Did you know you can group your Sonos speakers with your TV so you can hear it and control it from wherever you are? This is a game-changer for sports fans who want to be able to hear the game no matter what room they’re in. Watching football but you’re in the kitchen? You can listen to the game while you’re in there. 

5. Get a fuller sound with a Sonos Sub

The Sonos sub is not just for people looking for thumping bass. It can be added to so many products in the Sonos ecosystem! It’s a smart subwoofer talking to a smart speaker. It takes the burden of low frequencies away from your other speakers so they become more efficient in the room. 


“If you’re looking to add a warmth and depth of sound that comes from a better sound and full frequency response, the Sonos Sub us where it’s at.” 

6. Have your best music at your fingertips

Have you set up your My Sonos page yet? This Sonos tip seems obvious but before you dive in and start pushing buttons on your Sonos gadgets, give yourself 5-10 minutes to set-up your My Sonos page – which is the first page you see when you open up on your Sonos app. You can set your recently played music, favorite albums, favorite radio stations, and even set it to show you new releases for Spotify. It really helps you customize your in-app experience and is the best way to get the quickest access to your music.

We had such a great time chatting with the guys at Sonos and really learned a lot! If you missed the episode or want to rewatch it, you can do so here. You can also head to our YouTube channel to catch all of our past episodes. 

One final Sonos tip: the Sonos Community is a great forum to get your questions answered and share tips with other users. As always, we love being your go-to place for smart technology and seamless, frustration-free technology experiences! If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Ask away!