Product Review: Savant Power System Demo Kit

The Savant Power System is all about catering to a desire for energy independence through alternative energy sources and time-of-use (TOU) power schedules As more energy and lighting options are flooding the market in recent months, it’s starting to resemble one of the AV world’s original “raisons d’etre”: Replacing coffee tables of clutter with universal […]

How to Upgrade Your Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting with RGBTW Color

I fell in love with outdoor lighting during the pandemic when Coastal Source sent me a truckload of gear to install around my yard. It took me a while to trench, dig, cut and cajole all the lights in place, but when I did, the end result was well worth the effort. My property stands out after […]

A Guide To Wired and Wireless Home Networks

Technology has become so interconnected, that nowadays nearly all of your devices can communicate with one another. Everything from smartphones, computers, A/V systems, HVAC, and lighting (heck there are even smart toasters now) can communicate with one another, creating a system that integrates seamlessly. But strong home networks are a crucial element in your system’s […]

Home Networking With eero Pro 6 PoE

eero’s latest products look to the future of mesh networks. I love products that just seem to work properly. AirPods, iPhones, Dyson vacuums, and Pet Rocks are rare examples of simplicity in a world full of shiny space junk that claims simplicity but most times falls far short of the mark. In this same vein, […]

Why Do I Need A Service Plan?

Why do I need a service plan? We’re asked this question a lot – and it’s a fair point. While it’s true that a well-designed and properly-installed smart home system should last 3-5 years, there’s no guarantee the occasional issue won’t pop up. Smart home technology can be a big investment, so you should make sure […]

Wall-to-Wall Wifi for Home Automation

Have you ever had to struggle with faulty wifi?  We’ve all had that one room that always seems to have a spotty signal. Or maybe that one system that seems to go in and out of service. It can be frustrating to feel like your need to be tethered to a router to get a […]

Select The Right Technology For Your Renovation Project

When renovating your home, it can be overwhelming to choose the right technology to include in your updates. Here are some tips to help you pick the right technology for your home renovation project: Identify your needs and goals Start by thinking about what you want to accomplish with the renovation. Are you looking to […]

Integrating Siri Voice with the Control4 Halo Remote Control

The world of universal remote controls has been in a funk for the last few years. Only Savant has managed to produce a decent voice remote and Control4’s Neeo launch in 2019 felt rushed and incomplete. But when Snap One announced its Control4 Halo remote with Siri integration at last Fall’s CEDIA Expo, I couldn’t […]

Planning for Technology During a Home Renovation

When planning for technology during a home renovation project, it’s important to first identify your needs and consider the technology you currently use and what you would like to have in your new space. This may include things like home automation systems, home theater systems, and smart appliances. Identify Your Needs Once you have identified […]