Important Update: Known Issues with Latest Sonos App Update

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An important update regarding the latest Sonos app update and its potential impact on your experience.

Our Recommendation:

First and foremost, Livewire recommends not updating your Sonos app at this time. We want to ensure that you have the best possible experience with your Sonos system, and updating to the latest version may result in encountering several bugs and issues.

Already Updated?

If you’ve already updated your Sonos app and are experiencing issues, don’t worry.  Sonos works diligently to resolve these issues and improve your overall experience.

Known Issues:

Here are some of the known bugs affecting various features within the Sonos app:

Missing or Broken Features:

  • The ability to set sleep timers and alarms.
  • Inability to set speakers at precise volume levels.
  • Difficulty adding songs to the end of a queue.
  • Issues with managing Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Problems with adding new speakers.


Search Engine Functionality:

The search engine within the app often fails to reliably search a connected local library running on a networked computer or a NAS (Networked Attached Storage) drive. While it occasionally works, its inconsistency is a notable concern.

Broken Music Sources:

Multiple music sources, such as Tune-In and others, are completely broken in the new app and do not function as intended.

Sonos’ Roadmap to Resolution:

Sonos is actively working to address these issues. Here’s a timeline for when certain features are expected to be fixed:

  • Screen reader for visually impaired customers: May 21
  • Adding and editing alarms: May 21
  • Adding to queue and playing next: Early June
  • Sleep timer: Mid-June
  • Local music library search and playback: Mid-June
  • Update Wi-Fi settings: Mid-June


Thank you for your patience as Sonos works diligently to improve your experience.