Fall Back: 5 Ways Smart Home Tech Makes Daylight Saving a Breeze

The leaves are changing, the temperature’s cooling down, and we’ve got football on the weekends. Fall is here, and this weekend we roll the clocks back an hour stumble out of bed earlier than normal. Fortunately, smart home technology can make the daylight saving transition a breeze!

Your Smart Home Adjusts Automatically

The stress of checking and double checking all of your clocks and systems are over. With smart home integration, all devices connected to your control hub will automatically adjust via your home’s network. Even the coffee maker will keep churning out bean juice on schedule if it’s hooked up to a smart plug.

It’s always great to double check your system settings in the days leading up to daylight saving time, but you won’t need to worry about scrambling around the house Saturday night anymore. Home automation is all about making your life convenient, and that’s never more apparent than this time of year!

Smart Thermostats Keep You Warm

You know what they say about Virginia weather: we don’t have four seasons a year we have four a month! This is the time of year where smart thermostats really live up to their name. Not only will they help you save time and money, but they make it easy to change system settings remotely, keep up with HVAC maintenance and track energy consumption.

When the temperature swings 30 degrees between night and day, smart thermostats make sure your home is never running too hot or cold. As an added bonus, those with Wi-Fi connections will automatically adjust your home’s heating and cooling schedule for daylight savings time. There’s no need to reprogram your home’s heating and cooling systems to align with the new schedule!

Never Come Back to a Dark Home

The whole purpose behind daylight savings is to get the most out of those long daylight hours in the summer. The shorter days of winter mean that there’s a good chance the sun’s gone down before you’ve even started your evening commute home. Create a schedule for both your interior and exterior lighting systems and make sure that your home is always seen in the best light.

[mkb-tip]Livewire Tip: If you don’t have a fully automated lighting system set up, consider a smart bulbs for your bedroom! It can help make those early morning rises a little easier. Philips Hue has a lineup of bulbs that can simulate sunrise and sunset no matter what time of day it is, and integrate well into a Lutron system if you ever want to upgrade![/mkb-tip]

Avoid Those Pesky Chirps

We definitely recommend monthly testing for all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. But just like the dentist who tells you floss everyday, we understand some habits are hard to get into. At the very least, use the time change as a twice-annual reminder to check in on your devices’ health and avoid those piercing beeps when a battery is low.

If they’re connected to your smart home system, then checking in is just a few taps away. Those monitored by a professional home security company will send you regular notifications on the health of your batteries and system. If you have hard-wired detectors that don’t require batteries, then now is still a perfect time to test them.

Safety and Security on Lock

Unfortunately, when the sun goes down the rates of burglaries and break-in tend to go up, especially around the holidays. Smart home tech can help make sure that your kingdom is still safe and secure when daylight saving time ends. Your security lighting schedule will update automatically thanks to your home network, as will any kind of security protocols you have scheduled.

Enjoy the benefits of smart home technology when daylight saving time ends and we settle in for some winter hibernating.  If you’re interested in how you can benefit from smart home solutions, contact a Livewire expert today!

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