How Much Does Business Security System Cost?

The potential costs of a new business security system have a great deal of influence over whether or not your company will choose to invest. Security systems are vital for contemporary businesses and the customers who frequent them. They prevent theft, protect liabilities, and secure your property at all times.

Finding the perfect commercial system for your company will require hours of research and lots of questions, not the least of which will be the overall ticket price. How much does it actually cost to purchase and install a commercial security system in your business? It depends.

Business Security System Costs

The average cost of a commercial security system has a wide range. Systems can run from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars in total.

Hardware is by far the most expensive part of the equation, equal to roughly 60% of the total price. General labor is only 30% of the price margin, with the final 10% covering parts or security additions.

Essentially, every aspect of your business will influence the final commercial security system cost and should be taken into consideration. The average commercial security system cost depends on several variables that are not necessarily controllable. These are:

New Construction vs. Existing Building

The older a building is, the more difficult it is to install a system without pulling things apart. New or blueprinted buildings are much easier to adapt to security system schematics.

Larger Spaces vs. Smaller Spaces

Smaller buildings require less labor and security system hardware to completely cover. On the other hand, larger spaces may need quite a bit more.

Interior vs. Exterior

Outdoor security systems must be modeled to prevent damages related to temperature changes, weather extremes, and intentional vandalism. These considerations may impact overall costs by 30% or more.

Special Requirements vs. Basic Requirements

Advanced security system needs, including video surveillance and analysis, require additional funding. Touch screen keypads, door and window sensors, cloud storage, and other sophisticated technologies will raise the price of the project considerably over the standard security package.

At the end of the day, the project needs will dictate the overall price of your security system. For a more accurate quote, scheduling a consultation with an experienced security expert is always the best option.

Expect Monthly Expenses

The security system installation is only the beginning of the costs. Afterward, there are some additional expenses necessary for the upkeep and general maintenance of the system. These may include:

  • Monthly Security Plans
  • A La Carte Services
  • Maintaining Wires Or Batteries
  • Professional Inspections

These prices will vary according to the type of security system installed, the needs of the company, and the requirements of your security system provider.

Questions to Cut Costs

Even if an exact price tag for commercial security systems does not exist, there are a few guiding questions that better shape your expectations about the system you choose to invest in.

1. Is Service The Most Important Thing?

Is simply purchasing a security system the biggest need for your business, or is consistent surveillance with monthly services your basic requirement? Specialized installation and monthly services cost more in the long run but offer higher quality results as well. Evaluate the amount of hands-on servicing your company either wants to do or is willing to do for the sake of cost-effective security installation.

2. Is Reliability The Most Important Thing?

Your business cannot afford to fail in any aspect of operation, no matter what situations could arise. Depending on the specific type of industry, your company’s security may need to be entirely bulletproof. Investing in a more reliable system will significantly raise the security of your business, as well as your price margin.

3. Is Innovation The Most Important Thing?

The price difference between leading-edge technology and a tried-and-true system is quite steep. Adopters of early technology may face higher monthly fees and more maintenance costs. However, they will be rewarded with high-tech solutions to everyday problems. On the other hand, proven technologies will both serve your needs and keep overhead costs more manageable.

Maintain Your Safety

The average commercial security system cost greatly depends on individual circumstances, especially in regard to specific industries. Restaurants, hotels, office spaces, bars, and other companies that track a large volume of daily visitors should expect to do quite a bit of research and evaluate their business needs before making a purchase.

At Livewire, we would love the opportunity to learn more about your commercial security needs and work with you to find a solution that will meet and exceed them. Take the next step in setting up your problem-free business security system.