What You Need to Know About Caséta Wireless Systems

Lights can do more than brighten a dark room, but it’s important to make sure you have the right equipment. Create different atmospheres, highlight various features, enhance evening entertainment, and protect your home from various hazards and threats; all with Caséta Wireless Systems .

What Are Caséta Wireless Systems?

Caséta Wireless Systems provide an easy way to control and automate the lighting in your home. They’re a set of devices that allow you to control the lighting in your home remotely using Lutron technology. A system typically includes the following:


Perhaps the most essential part of a Caséta Wireless system are the dimmers themselves. These replace existing light switches on the wall and allow you to control dimmable light bulbs. The exact types of lights will vary slightly by the model, but all wall dimmers are compatible with dimmable LED, incandescent, and halogen bulbs. Aquarium desktop lamps and lamp dimmers that plug into an outlet are also available.

Caséta Pico Remote

The Caséta Pico remote allows you to dim or brighten the lights in your home that are connected to Caséta dimmers. This enables you to potentially control any of the lights in your house from any spot, adding convenience to the way you light your home. Wall mounts are available for these remotes, making it less likely that you’ll lose them.

Smart Bridge

Caséta wireless systems are not only controllable through the Pico remote, but also your smartphone. To do this, you need the Lutron app (explained below) and the smart bridge. The bridge allows you to use wireless devices—such as your smartphone—to control the lights in your home via the app. In addition, this devices is Apple HomeKit-enabled, so you can incorporate the smart bridge into the other automated systems in your home. This enables you to control heating, cooling, and entertainment using Siri.

The Lutron App

The Lutron app allows you to control lighting with your smartphone. This goes beyond simply turning lights on and off. You can set up schedules, configure personalized lighting setups and even control other aspects of your home’s automated systems.

When used together, these features create a highly convenient and user-friendly automated lighting system that adds value and convenience to your home. It’s easy to create a customized home lighting solution by choosing which devices you want and implementing them in a way that is fully compatible with your other home systems.

Caséta Wireless Systems’ Functions & Features

Caséta Wireless Systems enable you to perform a wide range of functions when it comes to your interior and exterior lighting. Some of these include:

Remote Lighting Control

The most obvious application is remote lighting control. Need to dim the lights for the start of a movie? Just as you would turn on the TV with a remote, you can control the lights as well without having to get up. Working on a project right as the sun is going down? Turn up the lights nearby without diverting your attention from what you’re doing. You can do this either with the Pico remote, or with the Lutron App on your smartphone.

Personalized Lighting Configurations

The Lutron App allows you to set up personalized lighting scenes. For example, if you want your living room’s lighting to highlight the art on the wall rather than the furnishings for a moment, you can do that with just a couple taps on your phone’s screen. If you want the kitchen lighted but the entertainment area dimmed, you can use a preset configuration to do that as well.


You never have to worry about forgetting the lights again. You can set them on a schedule to follow your daily routine, automatically turning on when it gets dark and turning off when you get to bed or leave the house for work. This not only makes it so you hardly have to worry about light switches ever again, but it can also prevent wasted electricity.

Theft Deterrent

The scheduling features of the Lutron app also provide a great way to secure your home while you’re away for extended periods of time. Either have the lights follow your normal routine—thus creating the illusion that you’re home—or have them turn on and off at random intervals, making it hard for would-be intruders to guess when it might be safe to break in.

Caséta Wireless lighting systems offer a wide range of setup possibilities that can perform the above functions.

The Benefits Of Caséta Wireless Systems

This automated lighting technology affords you numerous benefits, some of which have been touched on above. These benefits include:

  • – Increased convenience and comfort
  • – Added security when you’re away
  • – Higher efficiency as wastage is cut down
  • – Enhanced architectural detail
  • – Customizable atmosphere in every room
  • – Quick and easy to install, often within only 15 minutes

Whether you intend to implement a Caséta Wireless System on its own or as part of your home’s overall automated system, you will want the aid of home automation experts. Livewire can provide the aesthetic and technical assistance you need to make the most of these systems.

To get started with your customized Caséta Wireless System, contact Livewire today!