Common Commercial AV Problems

With new commercial technology comes the potential for new audiovisual issues. You’ve invested a lot into your new system! And we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Here is a look at some of the most common commercial av problems, along with some solutions. 

Audio Not Working

First things first, make sure it is in fact an audio issue.  To do this, restart your system and listen for the startup sounds. If you hear nothing, then check the volume settings on your computer. Navigate to Settings -> Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices to check things like the audio output and whether the volume is turned down or muted. If you’re still running into issues, check the volume controls on other connected equipment.

The audio input could be the root of the problem as well! If none of the above solutions fix the audio issue, check the settings on your microphone. First, make sure the correct input source is selected. Once it is, check to make sure the mic picks up your voice when speaking at a comfortable level. We always suggest running a quick test on your system before launching into any kind of presentation.

Visual Displays Won’t Connect

Sometimes you get a screen that says there’s no sync or signal. In those cases, make sure that all of your cables are securely connected. A loose or incorrectly connected cable can cause numerous commercial AV problems. If you’ve connected to a laptop but the main cables are connected to a desktop, you’ll need to switch the connections. Also, make sure that the network connection is active! Some systems only work when on a network, so make sure those connections are strong and everyone’s connected to the same one. 

Say your computer is properly connected but still won’t show an image, what then? Some systems have a master control that toggles between inputs. Make sure you toggle the equipment you want to display, and that it’s set to an external source. Even if the toggle on the equipment is switched to display from your computer, make sure it’s set to display to the external source. Most laptops will automatically detect when an external source connects, but not always. Check your control panel to ensure that the appropriate display settings are checked.

Delays, Feedback, and Echoes

An unintended delay between the time you say something and when the audience hears it can be incredibly distracting. Wireless commercial AV solutions in particular are more prone to these problems. Connections over wifi or Bluetooth just aren’t as reliable as fixed-wire systems. Some adjustments can be made to your audio system settings to make any delay negligible. Although, we recommend leaving those changes to a trained integrator. 

Clicking or whining sounds that come through the speakers are annoying and sometimes painful. A reverberating voice seems to bounce off the corners of the room and distracts both you and your audience.  Oftentimes, these issues are caused by an insecure connection or keeping two microphones too close together. Make sure all cables are inserted completely into their respective jacks. Also, make sure any floating mics are away from the speaker and only one is used at a time. 

Projector Problems

 Projectors can add a complex layer of AV troubleshooting to the mix. If your monitor is on but the screen is black, the computer may be asleep and must be “awakened” by shaking the mouse on the mousepad. This seems like a simple solution, you’d be surprised how often it’s overlooked. When using a laptop with a projector, the projector should be turned on first, before the laptop is turned on. If you did not do this, simply shut everything down and start again in the proper order.

Old or blown-out bulbs are another source of projector failure. Ask your AV team when they last replaced the bulb, and change out an old bulb before an important meeting. Perhaps your projector hasn’t given out completely, but the lens is out of focus. This may be because the projector is inadequately placed in the room. Unclear visuals are often the result of the projector being too far away from or too close to the screen. Test your visual presentation before the meeting, and try placing the projector at different distances from the screen if you can’t get the lens to focus.

Next Steps:

Don’t let commercial AV problems creep up on you! Audiovisual issues can be frustrating at best and seriously impede your organization’s productivity at worst. Find a commercial AV service provider that you can trust to get the job done right the first time, and support you if problems arise down the road. Contact us to discuss your commercial technology needs, and we’ll generate a custom approach for your business.