Control4 Home Automation Solutions—What You Need to Know

Home automation is an umbrella term for any smart product that offers greater connectivity and control over your home. Sensors, switches, adapters, thanks to technology these small, yet powerful, devices are what make your home intelligent. Whether it’s consolidating remotes for audio-visual equipment, programming climate preferences, or controlling home lighting with the click of a button, it can all be achieved with the right home automation strategy.

One of the most impressive features of home automation is its ability to control how your home functions while greatly improving convenience and safety for everyone that lives there. However, if you must remember to activate a switch or regularly program device settings the power and allure of a smart home quickly fades. Why? Automation is far more than the products that define a home as smarter than the next. It’s about how each technology works in orchestration and how the configuration makes your life more convenient, safe and comfortable.

Smart coordination at its finest

Control4’s suite of technologies is a complete operating system for your home. The platform syncs all of your smart products into a streamlined package delivering intelligent experiences and interactions that fit your family’s needs and lifestyle. Supporting over 8,000 various smart home products on the market, Control4 is a powerful, robust system, yet just flexible enough to be completely customized.

Control4 interface products

With Control4’s line of interface products, you choose exactly how you want to interact with your home. Prefer the compactness of a handheld remote in your home theater, the portability of bringing a tablet from room to room, or the convenience of in-wall touchscreens and keypads? Perhaps you don’t want any device, and that’s ok, too. There is a voice-activation option. The choice is yours…

Tabletop touchscreen

Available in white or black, 7” or 10” edge to edge glass, the tabletop touchscreen offers high-resolution video display and camera, crystal clear audio, not to mention it looks good anywhere. Use it as a portable device or affix to its rechargeable docking station.


Replace multiple coffee table remotes with a sleek, intuitive device that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Custom buttons, high-resolution screen display and rapid response time make controlling audio-visual equipment, lighting, security and climate instantaneous.

Wireless keypad

Available in a variety of faceplate and finishes, this keypad offers up to 38 different control configurations. Set various scenes in and around your home with one-touch control in a sleek, aesthetically pleasing keypad unit.

In-wall touchscreen

Similar to Control4’s tabletop devices, in-wall touchscreens are available in white or black, 7” or 10” edge to edge glass and come standard with a high-resolution display and crisp audio. Securely mount the device in any room for convenient access and control over any smart technology in your home.

Control4 mobile app + Sight4 subscription

The Control4 Mobile App allows you to use your smartphone as the ultimate smart home control center. With the app and 4Sight subscription, you can connect to your home anytime, anywhere so long as you have 3G/4G or an Internet connection. The powerful combination of the mobile app and 4Sight subscription enables you to monitor security cameras, lock doors, queue lighting, adjust  the temperature and much more from anywhere in the world. The mobile app and Sight4 subscription is compatible with any iOS or Android mobile device including iPads and Apple Watch, Android smartphones and tablets, and the Amazon Fire phone.

Your ultimate home automation solution

Make the devices you use every day work better together with a one-touch or voice-activated Control4 system. Livewire’s expert integrators can customize just about any system configuration to reach your smart home goals. As an authorized gold dealer of Control4 systems and products, we’re familiar with all the ways you can make your home that much smarter.

Reference: Residential Locksmith Services.

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