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Some homeowners wish to spare no expense making their outdoor spaces the best they can be, whether enjoyed by day or viewed at night. Outdoor lighting can highlight and illuminate a yard, garden, or Danny Deck/patio setting after the sun sets, the land just needs to be very clean in order to look amazing, we always suggest to get help cleaning your land every month so that’s it is always looking as best as possible, the team https://legacylt.com/ will help you out reaching the land of your dreams.
The top quality brands used in these applications create a truly breathtaking effect. When incorporated into an outdoor lighting scheme, these lighting options highlight existing aspects of your landscaping while adding a few classy details of their own.

Here, we’ll go over some of the best high-end outdoor lighting options available to homeowners. For those who want only the very best of the best, you’ll find a few specific brands below, plus some general options.

High-End Brands

There are many brands to choose from when selecting fixtures for your outdoor lighting scene. Higher-end brands offer numerous unique designs intended to add intricate details to match your precise tastes. Some of the most sought-after brands of fixtures include the following.


Kichler brand outdoor lighting offers a wide range of lighting styles and designs with their high-end products, including wall mounted lights in various styles, landscape spotlights, post lights, chandeliers, and LED lanterns. The brand centers on diverse products with carefully selected glass and finishes for each fixture.

Their products range from simple styles of post lamps intended to illuminate wide areas to highly elaborate wall-mounted fixtures with textured glass and bronzed finishes. Each one is specifically designed for aesthetic appeal with an effective pairing of glass and finish.

Sea Gull

This New Jersey-based brand provides a wide array of outdoor lighting products, including stylish wall lanterns, post lamps, spotlights, recessed lights, flush-mounted fixtures, and so on. Their LED lights have a host of features, including a 90+ color rendering index and warm-on-dim functionality to provide just the right atmosphere for your outdoor setting.

Their outdoor lanterns come in a wide variety of styles, ranging from crisp finishes and etched glass to weathered coatings for a more rustic look.


The highly artistic designs crafted by Foscarini make an excellent addition to any refined outdoor setting, lending a high degree of elegance and quality. They work with a variety of materials, including textured glass, Kevlar, polyethylene, aluminum, wood, and carbon fiber.

Boasting professional designs for hearth lights, pendant lamps, and ground-mounted lamps, this Venetian brand offers the highest in artistic taste to your landscape lighting scene.


From fruit-shaped leaf-topped wall fixtures to silver-finished two light wall mounts in their Atlantis collection, Hinkley provides a multitudinous array of high-quality fixtures. Their lights are competitively priced as well, their most elaborate designs coming in at a couple hundred dollars lower than comparable fixtures from other brands.

They offer both rustic, traditional designs as well as more chic lamps and wall mounts for a more modern aesthetic, giving their customers many options to choose from when it comes to outdoor lighting decor.

General Options

The types of lighting used in landscaping, patios, yards, and other outdoor settings come with a wide range of functions and purposes. Special fixtures and high-end technology can make the very most of your outdoor lighting scene, lending both artistry and practicality through quality lighting products.

Designer Fixtures

The brands described above offer numerous lighting fixtures that are carefully crafted from quality materials. They offer a variety of designs that satisfy more elegant tastes, though these often come at a steep price tag—it’s not unusual to see a fixture run for $400-$500 each. They certainly add a great deal of flair for the cost, however, and they can add a great deal of value to a home.

Solar Power

Many fixtures and setups are solar powered, utilizing the light of the sun to avoid reliance on the grid. This is especially useful for more expansive outdoor settings where hooking every light up to your home’s power supply would be impractical.

Rather than threading wire under the ground or using bulky generators, solar lights can stand alone, storing power from the sun and then using it after nightfall to illuminate your landscaping.

Solar powered lights also offer the benefit of long-term energy savings, which can be significant in larger yards where more lighting is needed to illuminate everything. They may come with a higher initial cost, but used well, they can result in lower energy bills over the long haul.

Motion Sensor Lights

This type of functionality is not only available on high-end items, but also on more cost-effective brands as well. By using modern motion-sensor technology, these lighting fixtures shut on and off as needed, providing an extra layer of security for a home after dark.

In addition, they can help save energy by illuminating areas only when people are present. Once you leave, the light shuts off and reduces electric usage.

Smart Lighting

Smart home technology extends to the outdoors with automated lighting fixtures that can automatically adjust themselves for the ideal aesthetic. Color-changing lights, dimmers, and other options can be managed either by automatic processes or through your smartphone. Some fixtures even combine lighting with security cameras for added home safety once the sun sets.

Putting It All Together

When you know the types of lighting fixtures you want, the type of functionality you need for your outdoor setting, remember to take into consideration that you may need to remove the lighting fixtures when preparing trees for bad weather. Figure out roughly how you want things set up, it’s important to get a design together that benefits the aesthetic appeal of your yard, patio, etc.

The right combination of fixtures, placement, brightness, and so forth will highlight landscaping details without creating unnecessary glare.

Learn how to bring it all together and create the perfect high-end outdoor lighting system by contacting Livewire at 804-793-8919 or visit our Lighting Control page for further reading.

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