5 Benefits to Outdoor Lighting

Why should you consider an outdoor lighting system? Well, there’s a lot more to it than just making your home the envy of all your neighbors. Let’s take a look at some of the great benefits you can enjoy with an outdoor lighting system.

Increased Curb Appeal

Kicking it off with the obvious: the visual effect outdoor lighting can yield is stunning. It adds beauty and dimension to your home, and the way it can highlight certain architectural details or design features can have a dramatic effect. With the right setup and the right fixtures, you can make your home’s best features shine bigger and brighter!

Aside from impressing your family, friends, and neighbors – it brings out a sense of personal pride. We hear from customers all the time how after a long day at work it’s great to come home to a house shining in its best light. It’s your home! It’s something to be proud of and show off, and outdoor lighting solutions are a great way to do just that.

Improved Safety and Security

Homes with outdoor lighting systems are less likely to be the victim of a crime than homes without it.  In fact, according to a 2018 study, neighborhoods with new outdoor lighting installations saw an immediate decrease in crime rates by 39%! Automated lighting control can prevent crime and losses in damaged or stolen property, and security lighting will discourage would-be intruders from targeting your home.

It can make getting around your home safer as well!  Pathway and hardscape lighting make it easier to navigate around your yard in low-light situations. Plus, the illumination outdoor lighting provides can make it easier to get around inside your home as well, preventing potential late-night accidents.

Maximize Your Space

Few things are better than a pleasant evening with friends and family on a backyard patio, chatting well into the night. With outdoor lighting, you can get the most out of your property and continue the use of outdoor spaces after dark. Especially in Central Virginia, where we’re lucky patio weather lasts most of the year.

Better Home Value

Regardless of whether you’re planning to sell your home in the near future or not, increasing it’s value is a sound investment for both you and your community! An outdoor lighting system that is both well-planned and installed properly can increase your property value by up to 20%!

In fact, outdoor lighting has become so popular that it’s evolved well beyond a trend. The National Association of Home Builders reported that over 40% of home buyers they surveyed actually list the feature as “essential.”

Test Before You Invest

We understand that taking the plunge on an outdoor lighting system can be a big investment. Plus, it’s not always easy to visualize how certain lighting effects and fixtures will impact your home’s aesthetic. That’s why at Livewire, we’ve developed a demo kit that’s free for our customers.


We’ll come out and install a temporary system catered to your home. You can live with it for a few days or weeks and see if it’s the right look for you. We think you’ll fall in love with the results, but if you decide it’s not right for you then we’ll take it down with no strings attached.  The service is complimentary, and we love when our customers see their home in a new light for the first time.

Livewire As Your Outdoor Lighting Provider

Our experienced team of lighting experts will work with you to create a plan unique to your home and space, because with Livewire – you’re getting a true outdoor lighting solutions partner. Enjoy all the great outdoor lighting benefits for yourself and contact us today!