Should I buy the new Control4 NEEO remote?

The Control4 NEEO remote has some incredible capabilities you should consider utilizing.

We’ve tested the Control4 NEEO remotes in our innovative Design Center, and if you don’t have 2 minutes to spare I’ll spare you the suspense. This remote is super fast, amazingly simple and constructed using an industrial yet intuitive design reminiscent.

After unboxing the remote and connecting it to our WiFi, it immediately found our Control4 system. After asking which room it would be used in most frequently, it downloaded several updates which took only a few minutes (make sure the remote is fully charged first – you don’t want to lose power in the middle of the process!).
After the updates completed, all our Control4 rooms were shown as available and ready for testing. The difference between WiFi vs. ZigBee was immediately noticeable as there’s zero control lag. None. It’s not uncommon to run into issues with new products during setup, but the NEEO remote exhibits no drama at all. That being said, we do have a fully updated Control4 system with the latest hardware, so there’s a chance systems with older updates and hardware might need to be brought up to snuff to be fully compatible.

We also tested the NEEO remote out with mesh networking, and after a factory reset it didn’t immediately pair with our Eero network. However, after updating the Control4’s OS3 to the latest version it worked like a charm. Because of the hurdles faced in pairing the remote with our mesh network, this is definitely not a consumer self-install product. Guidance from a professional installer will help ensure seamless performance.

All that said, if you’re a Control4 customer who wants a faster, sleeker remote control experience, the NEEO remote comes highly recommended.

We’re offering the NEEO fully installed as an upgrade to any existing Control4 system for $899 all in. Buy below now and we’ll be in touch to schedule installation!

The Control4 NEEO remote can be purchased from Livewire today.

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