Sonos Releases New Controller App for iOS & Android


 Sonos Releases New Controller App for iOS & Android

After much anticipation, Sonos recently released the new Controller App for iOS and Android devices. Sporting a new look and a few new features, Sonos is more intuitive than ever – offering access to 38 music-streaming services, such as Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, Google Play and much more!

With this release, Sonos now offers a universal search option across all active music services. “Only Sonos offers one window to quickly search across all your music services,” mentioned Sonos is a recent company blog. “Start typing an artist and discover their new album, radio station and more. Search for a track and discover all the versions across services including live performance, remixes and covers.”

It’s worth noting that upgrading to the new Controller app might be more difficult than expected. For some devices (orange Sonos app icon), simply update the app through the App Store or Play Store. Then, follow the prompts from within the Sonos App to update your Sonos devices. For others (blue Sonos app icon), you must delete your current app and install the new Sonos Controller app (orange Sonos app icon).  Once the new app is installed, follow these steps:

Launch the app and press “Set Up Sonos”.

  1. Press “Next” on the “Welcome To Sonos” screen (as long as you haven’t made any hardware changes).
  2. Press the “Volume Up” and “Mute” button on any Sonos Play or Connect component or the “Sync” button on any Sonos Bridge (see visual aid on-screen).
  3. Once your system is recognized, press “Next” on the “Connected To Your Sonos System” screen.

Of course, if you encounter any issues please contact Livewire Service @ (804) 937-9001 or For questions about Sonos or other home technology, please contact Livewire Sales @ (804) 937-9001 or Happy Listening!



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