Experience your music like never before with Sonos.


Whether you want to wake up to the lilting sounds of your favorite artist, set the scene for party night or create an intimate, romantic atmosphere for two, choosing the right playlist is essential. Sonos provides you with simple, intuitive command of your whole home audio system. Stream music from Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Sirius XM or your own private digital music collection to craft the perfect sonic environment in any room of your home.

Sonos offers a stylish, fun and easy-to-use entry way into a world of auditory bliss. Immaculately designed, unobtrusive and endlessly scalable, Sonos systems deliver essential soundtracks for a single room, groups of rooms and your entire home. Select a different playlist for each of your spaces, or rock out to a single set across your entire property – and control it all with the touch of a button on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Livewire makes taking command of your Sonos system easy. Utilize the Sonos app for simple controls, or combine the technology into your Savant network for intuitive, integrated control of your smart home’s functions through a single interface for peak performance and flexibility.

With Sonos components, customizing your home audio is easy. Place a Play:1 speaker in the kitchen to relax with your tunes as you cook, a dual-speaker Play:5 set in your living room for fuller stereo sound and a Playbar and Sub in your home theater for a detailed, textured movie soundtrack. Connect them all with the wireless, high-fidelity Connect:Amp to take your audio capabilities to the next level.

Let Livewire help you achieve robust, high fidelity sound throughout your home with a Sonos music system. Whether you want to eliminate the hassle of installation and programming, or you want to gain total control by integrating your system with other home automation components, Livewire can add versatility, functionality and fun to your Sonos listening experience.



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