Stages of Home Theater Installation

The Livewire way to handling home theater design and installation is simple. Keeping it straightforward and staying focused helps us serve you quickly and efficiently while guaranteeing that your project is completed correctly, on time, and within budget. If you’re considering installing a theater in your home, you’re probably curious what’s involved. Livewire’s process centers on four key points.


The first step in successful home theater design is a consultation with you to determine your needs, as well as the scale and scope of your project. A home theater is in a sense a work of art. So, the discovery process is critical because it lays the foundation for your desires, goals and guides us towards achieving and exceeding your expected result. Our extensive experience in home theater design and installation enables us to ask those deep, thoughtful questions that ultimately dictate the unique design of your project—what makes your home theater different from the next.

Livewire’s expert integrators will assess your space during an in-home consultation and gain an understanding of what is required. During this time, we’ll evaluate how to deliver a premium viewing experience with crisp audio, void of light and sound infiltration from outside spaces. We will discuss brands and technologies for everything ranging from A/V equipment to sound systems, acoustical treatments to lighting control and furnishings.

Once the discovery process is complete, you’ll feel confident knowing your needs and concerns are met—your ultimate home theater is in the making. We don’t proceed until your questions are answered and you are comfortable with the scope and scale of work. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to home theater design and installation, so cost is based solely on your budget. Livewire builds home theaters for any budgets.


After understanding your goals and assessing the location, we will draft a detailed design that meets your aesthetic while offering consistent performance and expandability. This design and proposal is a comprehensive overview of your home theater. No stone is left unturned—home networking and wiring infrastructure, user interfaces, control devices and everything else in between is included. Livewire’s design format enables you to best understand each individual element and make changes if and where necessary. Once you’ve agreed to the proposal, we’ll make it official with a project agreement and schedule your home theater installation.

Installation, although exciting, can bring stress and hesitation. With construction and workers come a noisy mess, it’s just part of the territory, right? Not with Livewire. Our expert installation and service technicians treat your home as if it were their own and do their very best to cause as little of a disturbance and inconvenience throughout the course of the installation.


Now the fun really begins! Once your home theater is installed, we’ll run quality assurance tests to ensure the system is working properly. This includes checking that components work independently, and in conjunction with one another to deliver a seamless home theater system.

Calibrating audio and video settings for optimal performance is a technical undertaking that requires accuracy and precision. Tuning your system’s sound, color balance, sharpness, and brightness is dependent on a skilled ear, sharp eye, as well as the right software and hardware. Our technicians have years of experience and a variety of technological, construction, and electronic certifications that allow us to get it right the first time.

Next, we’ll conduct training with you and your family on the operation of your new system and the devices that control them. Whether you’ve chosen to use a smartphone app, handheld remote, or tablet for one-touch control, we’ll take as much time as you need going over the features and functionality. At the end of this stage, your project is complete. But it doesn’t stop there…


Livewire is available to you now and at any point down the road should you need support or service with your home theater. This goes beyond system training, to include technical updates, software upgrades and new technologies as they occasionally roll out. Our team takes a proactive approach to servicing your system and will notify you of updates that could improve performance and reliability of your home theater.

The networking component of your new home theater leaves opportunities open to building upon your system or look at other home automation products. All our smart home solutions are scalable and expandable should you want to branch out and look at new technologies.

Always been curious about home theater?

Thanks to affordable technology and unique design strategies, anyone can have a custom home theater experience. At Livewire, we provide clients with an impressive host of state-of-the-art technology integration services, so there are many options and alternatives to design and implement a home theater that exceeds your expectation

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