Tailor Your Home Theater for the Ultimate Football Experience

The tailgates are rocking and the shoulder pads are knocking! Football season is a special time of year where every weekend (and most Thursdays) we crowd around our televisions and cheer our teams to victory for nearly four hours straight. No matter where you plant your fandom flag we can all agree: the game deserves the best viewing experience possible. What better way to live that then to tailor your home theater for football viewing!

There’s no better time than now to invest in a custom home theater solution for your home. Whether you’re a Ravens fanatic, cheering for Washington, or celebrating victories for another team – a home theater makes watching the game an immersive experience.

See The Action

Creating the ultimate football watch party goes beyond your television, but it’s the best place to start. Picture quality has evolved by leaps and bounds over the last decade. Since 4K UHD has become standard for most broadcasts, we recommend you upgrade to this crystal-clear video resolution! Bring the “WOW” factor with the immersive viewing provided by premium LED and OLED products. Enjoy perfect blacks, crisp colors, and additional details that’ll prove that really was a complete catch.

Or get the most out of your home theater with the versatility offered by a projector and screen combination. Catch every second of the game, and transform the space into family movie night paradise after. Overcoming an imbalanced history of audio and video quality, there have been staggering advancements in the realm of home projectors.

Sony recently unveiled two new 4K projectors with key dynamic HDR Enhancer technology. The new components increase the brightness of the lightest part of HDR pictures without compromising any of the darker parts. The result is the kind of contrast range you don’t typically expect of a projector.

Feel The Energy

You can’t really have the full stadium experience without a full-bodied sound system. Dolby Atmos carries some of the most advanced audio gear on the market today. Unlike traditional surround sound, which uses multiple speakers to create the illusion of realistic sound, Atmos brings audio to life.

Speakers are still installed behind, above, and in front of the viewing space for a fully three-dimensional soundscape. However, the sound is mixed and projected in a whole new way. In traditional surround sound systems, sound objects are assigned to a speaker or channel. That means you can only hear each sound from one speaker at a time. Sit too far left and you might hear Al Michaels a bit clearer but miss the quarterback calling an audible.

Dolby Atmos does away with channel designation and creates a free-flowing sphere of sound. The only place you’ve ever heard sound this realistic is at the stadium itself! But when you’re at home, nothing beats the one-two punch of a Sony 4K projector and Dolby Atmos sound.

Create The Atmosphere

The best place to set up your home theater is a dedicated room with no windows, but we know that’s not always possible. Since the NCAA and NFL don’t organize their schedules around your viewing comfort – make sure your home theater has a solution! Use smart home technology to set the scene for you and your fellow football fiends.

  • – Automated lighting systems can create a dramatic atmosphere during an important game.
  • – Avoid the glare with smart shades that automatically open or close when hit by direct sunlight.
  • – Channel surf during timeouts with intuitive controls that switch channels, alternate input sources, or even show multiple screens.

Ready. Set. Hike!

Ready to experience game day in your home like never before? Contact us today and learn how Livewire can help tailor your dream home theater for football!